Say Goodbye to Wrinkles: Removing Wrinkles from Can Coolers Using Steam from an Iron

Easily remove wrinkles from foam can coolers with these steps:

1. Setup your ironing board and pre-heat your iron with water

2. Place the wrinkled can cooler on the ironing board. Hold the iron slightly above the can cooler, allowing the steam to penetrate the fabric. Be careful not to touch the iron directly to the can cooler. It doesn't take much heat or steam to straighten the can cooler out, so be careful not to overdue it.

3. Allow the can cooler to cool and dry. You will be pleasantly surprised how the wrinkles disappear!

The best method to remove wrinkles from neoprene can coolers is to place them on a can (or their respective beverage) and allow them to sit. It typically only takes a day for them to smooth out.


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