Host A DIY Can-Canvas Party

Host A DIY Can-Canvas Party

Art fans rave about parties when their take-home gift is a piece of art—especially when they get to make it themselves. You might’ve heard about these with hand-painted pottery or canvas paintings, but what about designing drink holders made of canvas?

Can-canvas drink holders make a fun, functional party favor and party-time activity. While paint plays a part for sure, you can also use a variety of supplies to design your personal drink holder. Let’s get creative and chat about supplies you can put out at your event!


Supply List


Paint is a must at a paint-and-take party! The best paint to use for this project is acrylic paint. Not only does it adhere well to the fabric of the drink sleeve, but it also dries pretty quickly. If you have this activity going early on in the event, the sleeves should be nearly dry when it’s time to call it a night.

You can purchase acrylic paint at various craft stores, big box stores, or online. It frequently goes on sale, so keep an eye out for bargains, too.


Don’t forget to grab some paintbrushes for your event. There are a ton of options out there, but unless you’re a serious painter, you probably only need the brushes for a little while. If this is the case, check out your local dollar stores for paintbrushes; they’ll have the best prices.

Fabric And Ribbon

A quick way to spice up your Can-Canvas sleeve is to add some fabric or ribbons to it.

Ribbon edge on drink holder

If you’d like to add three-dimensional shapes, you can cut them out of sturdy craft felt, which is affordable in craft stores and easy to work with. All you need to work with it is a pair of scissors to cut out your shapes.

Other fabrics are fun to use, too. Look for small amounts of fabric remnants at your local craft store for the best deals.

Ribbons are a great way to add intrigue to your project. You can even make it look like a wrapped present, which would be perfect for birthdays or holidays.

Pro tip: You can use each guest’s favorite color of ribbon around the top of the Can-Canvas. This way they can identify their beverage right away when they use it.

Glue And Adhesives

Use glue to add embellishments to your drink holder.

Hot glue will be your best bet because it adheres well and will dry quickly. Be sure you have enough hot glue guns and glue sticks on hand. Remember to be safe as well—have a bowl of cool water on hand for any accidental burns. If you have children at your event, let an adult be the designated glue-gunner.

Pro tip: Glue dots or roller adhesives can hold your decorations in place until you can use a more permanent adhesive. This lets you see what your project will look like before you start gluing.

Other adhesives such as tacky glue, craft glue, or super glue will work. Keep in mind this adds more time to the crafting and drying process. 


Children might enjoy making an animal-themed drink sleeve with googly eyes while more feminine designers might add rhinestones or beads.

Do you or a member of your family sew? Break out that jar of miscellaneous buttons, and glue some on!

Maybe you have yarn sitting around from the end of a knitting project. This can be added as well as a trim on the top or bottom of the drink holder.

Other Tools

You might consider purchasing other more advanced tools for your guests to use as well.

Try using flexible plastic stencils. These will allow guests to create a more appealing drink sleeve even if artistic endeavors aren’t really their thing. You can find stencils in craft stores, online, and even in bargain shops like dollar stores.

Pro tip: When you use stencils, don’t water down the paint you use. The thicker it is, the less likely it is to bleed under the stencil.

Paint markers are an awesome way to add text to a design. There are plenty of options available, but be sure to shake the marker before you uncap it for the best experience with this tool.

Permanent markers create lines that aren’t as crisp as paint markers, but they work well for simple lines or coloring in shapes like on this Halloween-themed cooler.

 Jack-o-lantern drink cooler

You might also consider gluing paper onto your project. Construction paper is great for shapes while scrapbooking paper is good for repetitive patterns.

Quick Add-Ons

You’ll need a few more supplies for decorating. Let’s review them below:

  • Paint means you’ll need cups filled with water to clean the brushes between colors. Investing in disposable cups will make cleanup a breeze.
  • Grab some wax paper for your guests to mix small amounts of paint. The wax paper will hold up to the paint-and-water mixtures. They are less costly than paint palettes.
  • Pens will come in handy. Be sure to have a few ready for your guests just in case.
  • Scissors are helpful for fabric, ribbons, and any paper you might use.
  • A disposable table cloth will keep your table clean while you work. You could use newspaper instead if it’s available.



Try some of these supplies to decorate your own Can-Canvas drink cooler. Want to share the finished product? Tag us on Instagram @tahoebay so we can check it out!

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