Capture The Sunset On Your Can-Canvas

Capture The Sunset On Your Can-Canvas

I decided to paint a sunset on my Can-Canvas for the happy reminder of summertime.

I was thrilled with the result, and I hope you'll enjoy making one, too!


Supply List

This project is like most painting projects—no special tools required!

For this project, you will need…

  • A yellow Can-Canvas (I used a tall one)
  • Acrylic paint in yellow, orange, and red tones
  • A medium-sized paint brush
  • A cup of water to rinse your brush
  • A paint palette or paper plate

yellow can-canvas drink holder

You might also want to grab some paper towels to make sure your brush is clean between colors or for any accidental messes that might occur.

I also recommend putting newspaper, cardboard, or a few sheets of paper down on your work surface to shield it from paint that might drip.


Painting Your Sunset

Step 1:

Set up your workspace with something to protect the surface you’re working on. I listed this as a step because with the flowing tones of a sunset, you’ll want to use more water in your painting than you might if you were using a stencil, for instance.

You should also set up your palette or paper plate with your paint choices. I used four colors, but two or three will also get the job done!

paint palette plate

Note: Learn from my mistakes! I have a few things you might want to keep in mind…

  1. Use a coated paper plate to avoid the water bleeding through. This will save some cleanup!
  2. Space out your colors more to allow space to mix them; I would recommend mixing colors between the ones you use.

Make sure you have some water, and you’re ready to get started!


Step 2:

With a yellow Can-Canvas as the backdrop of the sunset, you don’t have to worry a lot about full-coverage with paint. It also allows you to add more water without worrying if the paint will become too light.

Note: If you opt for a different color drink holder, make sure you start with a heavy yellow coat of paint, and let that dry before painting your sunset.

I started at the top with the lighter color yellow. I find this is the easier path because if your brush isn’t fully dry as you mix colors, it won’t show as easily on your drink holder. At first, I used a lot of water to thin out the paint (which will also make the yellow appear lighter on the project). As I continued, I used less water to make the paint color more saturated.

I continued with the yellow paint for the first half of the cooler. I knew I could make the paint darker, but making it lighter means I would need to wait for it to dry and start with a new coat of paint!


Step 3:

I added gold paint to the yellow. As I went further down the Can-Canvas, I used less yellow and more gold. I added water as needed to make sure the paint covered the canvas thoroughly.

This transition was the easy one seeing as the yellow and gold colors were so similar. I made sure to work quickly so the next transition would blend well.


Step 4:

If you used four colors like I did, you will repeat step three with your color choices so that you gradually get darker results as you paint. End at the bottom with red.

To get a steady transition or gradient in your sunset, you might need more space or less space on the canvas to do so. However, don’t be too hard on yourself because sunsets all look different, so it doesn’t have to be perfect! If you really want to, you can let it dry and paint over it later.


Step 5:

Set aside your painted Can-Canvas to dry. It might take longer than other painting projects because you used more water in this one than you would if you had to use a stencil, for instance. Once it dries, put it to the test!


Variations To Try

Paint All The Way Around

I painted the example just on one portion of the Can-Canvas, but if you would like, you can paint the entire surface to look like a sunset. I think the narrow portion is still pretty, and the edges look feather into the yellow canvas that way.


A Little Later

If you’d like to try painting a version of the sunset closer to dusk, you can try painting with blue and purple hues. If you do this, I highly recommend using a blue Can-Canvas because the color family is similar; this way you don’t need to start by painting and drying a background to paint your sunset on.


Try some of these supplies to decorate your own Can-Canvas drink cooler. Want to share the finished product? Tag us on Instagram @tahoebay so we can check it out!



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