Can-Canvas With Glow-In-The-Dark Paint

Can-Canvas With Glow-In-The-Dark Paint

With Halloween coming up, I was inspired to try out some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint on our Can-Canvas project. This one wasn’t themed, but man did it give me some ideas for Halloween-themed holders!

Glow in the dark drink holder

Puffy paint comes in glow-in-the-dark value packs, and I couldn’t resist trying some out along with the puffy paint from the last post.

Want to recreate this can cooler with me? Let’s get started!

Supply List

For this project, you will need…

  • The Can-Canvas of your choice (I used a tall mint-green one)
  • Puffy fabric paint in one color (I used yellow)
  • Glow-in-the-dark puffy paint in two colors (I used blue and white)
  • Some paper to cover your work surface

Be advised—fabric paint is a pain in the neck to get out of carpet and clothing! Protect your workspace and wear an old T-shirt if you have one. It’s better to be prepared.

Also note that this project turns out best if you take a few minutes to work on it each day and leave it with plenty of time to dry between steps. This is because the paint is thick. However, this will help you avoid smudging your work!


Painting Your Can-Canvas

Step 1:

Set up your workspace. Learn from my clumsy mistakes, and protect the flooring you’re working above as well—especially if it’s carpet!

You should also remove lint from your drink holder if you see any. You don’t want it becoming part of your artwork, right?


Step 2:

Start with some vertical yellow stripes. I used four that were pretty evenly spaced around the entire drink holder. I made them wider than the width of the paint tip, so add extra stripes right next to each other to achieve the same look—probably four or five will do the trick.

can-canvas with yellow stripe

Don’t worry if your paint doesn’t look exactly even because you can go back and fill in any spots you miss. It might seem bulky at first, but I think that’s part of the fun of puffy paint; the textured appearance is part of the charm.

Let your stripes dry for a while before moving onto the next step.


Step 3:

Up next is a section of triangles. I did this with the blue paint that glows in the dark.

I started by placing an even zig-zag between the yellow stripes. I then filled the resulting triangles on the right with the blue paint.

Here’s how it looked after I added the triangles:

drink holder blue triangles

Note: I figured out later that this step might look better with two layers of puffy paint. It really depends on how well you fill in the shape. If you are heavy handed, you can get by with one coat. If you’re stingy like me, two coats it is!

Remember to let this paint dry before moving onto the next step.


Step 4:

Next is the white glow-in-the-dark paint. I returned to the dot method we tried in this post about puffy paint drink holders. I like the appearance of dots with puffy paint because it adds lots of texture with very little effort.

I decided to place dots in all of the triangles between the yellow stripes, but I placed a dot in each blue triangle first. I stayed slightly to the right side for this. For the empty triangles, I placed dots slightly to the left. You can see what I mean below.

drink holder dots

I liked the more skewed look of the dots on this project. I think it adds a bit more intrigue—especially when you see the whole thing in the dark.

I also drew two glow-in-the-dark white lines within the yellow stripe. These didn’t show up very well in the dark, so this part is totally optional!

Once everything dries, it’s time for the big reveal…


Step 5:

For the big reveal, start by holding your drink holder close to a light for about a minute—it doesn’t take too long. When you’re done, go in a dark room and turn the lights off.

Check it out!

glow in the dark can-canvas

As you can see, the glow-in-the-dark feature works best with larger areas. The bolder, the better. I’m definitely excited to see what else I can come up with for this type of paint.


Variations To Try

More Paint

Just because I didn’t totally coat my drink holder in paint doesn’t mean you can’t! If you want the entire can-canvas to be painted, go for it because it would look really cool.

You can even add multiple layers if you choose to, and that will add even more texture to your project. Just remember to let it dry accordingly.


Different Canvas

This project lends itself to darker color canvas. It would really help the colors of the paint pop out. I’m curious to see by how much!

You could also do this on a standard size Can-Canvas instead of a tall one. The standard ones would take less time and paint, too, which might make you want to add more paint coverage and layers.


Different Colors

I tend to keep the color schemes simple for these projects. However, you can add as much color as you like! I find the value packs of these puffy paints coordinate very well together (whether it’s the original or the glow-in-the-dark pack).

Use what you like; this is your project, after all!


Try some of these supplies to decorate your own Can-Canvas drink cooler. Want to share the finished product? Tag us on Instagram @tahoebay so we can check it out!

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