Abstract Can Holders With Puffy Paint

Abstract Can Holders With Puffy Paint

Painting Can-Canvas drink holders is a lot of fun, but I decided to up the ante with puffy paint. It was a fun medium to work with, and the results were pretty cool. If you’re looking for a three-dimensional look for your drink holders, puffy paint is the way to go!

Puffy Paint graphic

I took an abstract take on this particular project. I think simple lines and dots work really well in puffy paint. This makes possibilities virtually endless, too.

Supply List

This project is super simple, and so is the supply list!

For this project, you will need…

  • The Can-Canvas of your choice (I used a tall pink one)
  • Puffy fabric paint in three colors (I used hot pink, green, and white)
  • Some paper to cover your work surface

You might consider wearing an old shirt or apron while you work on this drink holder. Fabric paint doesn’t come off easily! Keep some paper towels handy just in case.


Painting Your Abstract Artwork

Step 1:

Set up your workspace, clothes, and Can-Canvas for best results.

Fabric paint is next to impossible to remove from clothes. An apron or old T-shirt would be great for this. I also recommend paper on your work surface (and the floor if it’s carpet).

Make sure any lint is removed from your drink holder as well. Fabric paint will trap it there for good if you aren’t careful!

You’re ready to paint!


Step 2:

I started with vertical stripes in a hot pink color. I did three stripes to make the center of the cooler the focal point, but you could also go all the way around if you prefer. You can see how it turned out below.

There were a few reasons I chose vertical stripes in this color to start:

  • Vertical stripes allowed me to keep the Can-Canvas still while I was working; I found this was a good thing because it makes the lines more consistent!
  • I wanted to draw the eye to the height of the cooler.
  • I chose hot pink to stay in the same color family as the drink holder itself. We’ll add more colors, so don’t worry!

Pretty simple, right? That’s the best thing about puffy paint—it does all the work for you.


Step 3:

After that, add some diagonal lines across the vertical ones. I piped on six stripes in a green (that looked a little like turquoise, which I loved).

I opted for this color to contrast what I already painted.

Though the lines aren’t equally spaced, I like the result. Perfect measurements aren’t abstract, anyway, right?

Here’s how it looked after I added the green stripes:


Step 4:

Next is the white paint. I painted a dot in each box. It’s a simple addition, and since perfection isn’t the goal here, it took a lot of pressure off!

I liked how the paint dried as well. It wasn’t consistently flat or pointed, and this added a lot of texture to the finished project.


Step 5:

Let your project dry. You might be tempted to touch it to check, but I wouldn’t recommend this unless a day has passed. If the paint is still tacky, you might leave your fingerprint behind!


Variations To Try

Paint All The Way Around

I painted in the middle section of the drink holder, but you could also paint all the way around if you prefer—just be careful about how you hold it to avoid smearing paint! You can minimize the risk by painting in sections or even using one color at a time…and wait for it to dry between colors.


Different Colors

Just because I chose these colors of paint and Can-Canvas doesn’t mean you need to follow suit! You can pick a plain white drink holder—or any color you want for that matter.

The same goes for the paint. You can purchase puffy fabric paint in value packs, and sometimes there are up to 20 colors to choose from.


Different Lines or Shapes

I kept my techniques simple in fear of smearing my work. However, if you have steadier hands and/or more artistic experience than I do, you might want to try some different lines or shapes.

Here are some ideas you might consider:

  • Zig-zags
  • Dashed lines
  • Thicker lines
  • Open circles
  • Small triangles

Once you get the hang of it, it will seem like the ideas are endless.


Try some of these supplies to decorate your own Can-Canvas drink cooler. Want to share the finished product? Tag us on Instagram @tahoebay so we can check it out!


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